We Are Serious About You Succeeding in Real Estate in Mexico!


Four Important Reasons to Join Us!


If you are a successful Real Estate Broker / Agent currently residing and doing business in the Real Estate market in Mexico, we want to show you how to get more business with less hassle, more tools with lower franchise fees, and more brand recognition equating to more revenue.


Let us to introduce you to Steve Schwab. Steve is the President of Realty Executives Mexico, and the founder of Sea Side Reservations. He has grown Sea Side from a small, single point operation to a national franchise acquiring over 7.5 Million hits a month, generating brand recognition unlike any of his competitors.


Why is Steve important to you? He knows how to lead and build a brand!





Four Important Reasons to STOP What You’re Doing to Join Us:


  • Reduce Franchise Fees: Most franchised Real Estate brands charge excessive fees without providing real support and don’t understand what it takes to be successful in Mexico. They expect you to build their brand instead of building your brand. Realty Executives Mexico has lower fees than other comparable international brands. We understand the Real Estate market and challenges in Mexico, and we have a real plan to control the fees while building our brand together.


  • Proven Success Building a Trusted Brand: Most franchised Real Estate brands have the attitude “use my sign and they will come” or worse, “one size fits all!” At Realty Executives Mexico, we understand “one size does NOT fit all” and a “trusted brand has to be built with sweat equity” to mean anything. We have proven success in building a trusted brand in Mexico and we are utilizing that knowledge and understanding to build YOUR brand in Mexico. Together, Realty Executives Mexico is becoming the TRUSTED Real Estate Brand in Mexico!


  • Trusted Professional Executives: The attitude in Real Estate is one of Brokers, Agents, Buyers and Sellers. Realty Executives Mexico has a new and exciting attitude – one you should be apart of! Realty Executives Mexico has Broker Executives, Executives (formerly known as Agents), Property Owners and soon to be Property Owners. We are Executives! Executives are highly trained, operate with integrity, utilize the latest tools, systems and processes to out-perform the competition, and are the most trusted in the market. Not all agents qualify to be Executives!


  • We Re-invest in YOU: Realty Executives Mexico re-invests in YOU, for YOUR local market, to build YOUR BRAND while building ours. No other real estate brand will do for YOU what we do for YOU.


Sure, Realty Executives Mexico has the international brand, the training, the tools, the systems and the support similar to other international brands, but others can’t compare to our knowledge of the Mexican market nor do they have the experience in building a national brand in Mexico. We are NOT interested in being the biggest; we will be THE BEST! We aren’t interested in just anyone – we are interested in THE BEST!


If YOU are the BEST then we need to talk!




Call or email us today for a CONFIDENTIAL, NO RISK – NO PRESSURE conversation on why being a Realty Executives Franchise in Mexico may be right for you. We will evaluate together what you have, how we compare, and leave you with the proof of why joining Realty Executives is the ONLY CHOICE.


Call Jeff Brewer at 602-845-8946 or email Realty Executives Mexico at jeffbrewer@realtyexecutives.com to set an appointment.


No Risk. No Pressure. Confidential.


For even more information about the Realty Executives brand, visit www.realtyexecutives.com/franchise then CALL JEFF for your No Risk, No Pressure, Confidential, Appointment today.



Realty Executives Mexico
7655 E. Redfield Road
Suite 3
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Direct: 602-845-8946
Mobile: 972-795-3605
Email: jeffbrewer@realtyexecutives.com

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