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8 Things You Should Know About
Real Estate Franchising in Mexico


Realty Executives Mexico has been and continues to be a trusted brand in Mexico. We aren’t the biggest, and don’t plan to be – but we are the best and we will continue to be the best. There are 8 things you should know about Real Estate Franchising in Mexico – and we want you informed!

8 Things You Should Know…


  1. Most Brands Don’t Know How to Do Business in Mexico: It’s no secret, most companies do business in Mexico the way they do business in the United States. It simply doesn’t work! You are left to figure it out on your own, without the support you are paying for, creating frustration, a sense of loss, and a big question mark: Why am I paying for a franchise that is doing nothing for me? Realty Executives Mexico knows how to do business in Mexico and we know how to support you as you grow your business in Mexico.
  2. International Franchising is Riding a Wave: Franchising is growing globally because it allows the franchisee to be immediately immersed in a proven business model without having to re-invent a business model. The secret to success is choosing the right franchise that offers the right support and training for success in your market. Realty Executives Mexico understands the challenges of doing business in Mexico like no other international brand.
  3. Be Your Own Boss But Don’t Go It Alone: Franchising allows you to be your own boss, make your own decisions, and grow the business to generate a reputation and a generous financial return. Franchising provides a structured system with all the tools and systems in place to help you be successful. At Realty Executives Mexico, we are a helping hand – We Don’t Hold You Back!
  4. International Referrals and National Friends: Realty Executives is an international brand with business associates in over 30 countries. We have 1000’s of associates and a network of Executives always looking to do business with other Executives. Realty Executives Mexico is a close family in relationship, ready to help each other. Competition is tough enough – Peer support from fellow franchisees that understand your market and your challenges is a priceless asset.
  5. The Private Ownership Factor: Private ownership of a franchise provides a competitive advantage not available in most other business investments – pride of ownership. Pride of ownership allows you to compete immediately because you have the tools, training, and branding at your fingertips. Your knowledge and competitiveness are accelerated because of the tools and systems of the franchise, but pride of owning your business is the competitive advantage knowing you are working within a proven system with support when you need it most. Pride in ownership is your X factor for success.
  6. Exclusive Territory: Realty Executives Mexico assigns and protects the territories of our franchisees. Unlike other international brands, we will not put a franchise across the street or around the block using the brand you purchased or even a different brand name. The Realty Executives brand is exclusive to YOU in your territory in what is known as single point exclusivity. Your franchise investment is protected by Realty Executives Mexico. Conditions apply and are applied fairly prior to joining our family.
  7. Brand Investment: Realty Executives Mexico does not require you to re-purchase your brand name and territory rights like other brands. Invest once, take care to grow your business, and your Realty Executives franchise will operate successful long into the future. No surprises, no buy-backs, no cancellations, no re-purchasing. Realty Executives Mexico is the only Real Estate Franchise you should consider. And if you are with another brand, you are losing money – if not now…soon!
  8. Local, National and International Marketing / Advertising: Realty Executives Mexico is the ONLY franchised brand re-investing in YOU, for YOUR local market, to build YOUR BRAND while building ours Nationally and Internationally. No other real estate brand will do for YOU what we do for YOU. We invest in YOU…in your local market, for your benefit! No other brand will even come close!

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